Monday, September 8, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Just some random stuff this time.

1) I uploaded a new knol to the google site. This one is a list of anime and manga related museums in Japan. It's not a complete list, so if you know of any other museums or galleries, please let me know. The link is given in my knols list on the right side of my blog.

2) The Japan Times ran an article on the big manga summit held this weekend at Kyoto. The article was so pointless that I decided to fire off a comment to the editor. Unfortunately, my comment is probably as badly written as the original article was.

"I guess I should be happy to see any kind of story regarding manga appearing in the Japan Times, but the recent coverage of the 2008 Manga Summit just left a bad taste in my mouth. Instead of running photos of cosplayers, why weren't there any images of the manga-ka at the Summit? Who actually attended the Summit? Who were the big-name artists there? As it was billed an "International" summit, I guess that some comments from non-Japanese artists are to be expected, but why no interesting quotes from Japanese artists? Manga is still largely a Japanese-only artform, yet the Japan Times has almost no coverage of its Japanese practitioners. In fact, the Sept. 8 article told us almost nothing of what happened there. I guess there's one benefit from all of this - I'm more intent on going to next year's summit, just to find out what the reporter left out of his story."

3) I visited Harajuku this weekend, which is always a blast. I uploaded two videos to youtube (the links are to the right of my blog), 1 for a band playing in the park, and the other of a 50's greaser recreation group dancing to a boombox. I'll run a write-up of Harajuku in a couple of days.

4) After visiting Harajuku, I went to the Suginami Manga Museum (the incentive for writing the museums knol) where I met the head of the anime studio Ekoru Animal. The studio created an updated anime based on the older manga "Fuichin-san". I'd never heard of Fuichin-san before and I think this is one that anime fans should know more about. So, I'll write an entry on it in the next few days as well.

5) A couple people have been playing my hiragana/katakana game and have given me feedback on it. Thanks! I'll try to incorporate the feedback in the next version. Right now, I'm starting a kanji memorization game that will go into beta testing in a week or so.

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