Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun in the grocery store

Know what's way cool? You go to the local neighborhood grocery store in the middle of the Summer and you grab one or two small containers of ice cream or kakigori (shaved ice with fruit, and/or flavored syrups - my favorite is the coffee float, but my wife likes the azuki red beans) for a little under $1 each, and you go to the counter where the checkout person asks you a question you don't really understand. For this to work out right, you nod your head "yes", and they hand you a small plastic bag and a metal token. You pay for the ice creams and head over to a big metal machine that looks like the one that dispenses filtered water into the gallon bottle you bring to the store with you. But, this time, when you pull open the big metal slide door, you see a strange nozzle pointing down from the top of the enclosure, with a metal handle on each side of the nozzle. You take the plastic bag and hang it under the nozzle from the metal handles. Close the door, put the token in the machine and press "Start".

There's this huge "whoosh", and frozen flakes fly out from around where the door fails to make a complete seal. A second later, you open up the door and remove the bag. You now have an inch of dry ice flakes lining the bottom of the bag to be used to keep your ice cream from melting on your walk back home. The best part is that the dry ice evaporates, so you don't get all that free running water you'd get from normal ice.

Now, that's way cool.


acsiren said...

Is the dry ice free then? or is that added to your total?

TSOTE said...

It's free.