Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Harajuku Sunday, Part 1

You can't live in Tokyo for any length of time without feeling the pull of Harajuku on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. Harajuku is on the main Yamanote train line, between Shinjuku and Shibuya, and the Harajuku station is near the south entrance to Yoyogi park. So, the park is calling you just to go out for a stroll.

When you get to Harajuku station, take the central exit. This places you directly in front of the entrance to the Fashion Street, and dumps you into the middle of the crowd of freaks and gawkers. Notice that many of the freaks are from Europe, and have enough metal in their faces to build an amusement park, and wear enough black leather during the Summer as to make you break out in a sweat just by being in the same city as them. There are a few goth lolis and straight punks, but they're outnumbered by the ranks of "mundanes" out to stare at everyone else.

(looking down the Fashion Street)

Welcome to the home of Japanese teenage fashion. This street is about 4 blocks long and lined with shops offering clothes, accessories and photos of pop idols. Granted, the shops spill out over several side blocks, but the main traffic is down this one street. Often, European designers come here to steal ideas.

(People waiting to get a crepe at shop on left, shot from a side street)

It's also a great place to come for a crepe. My favorite crepe shop is here, back towards the end of the street. There's maybe 40 different flavors on the menu. On my most recent trip, I got a piping hot ham, pizza sauce and cheese crepe along with a cold peach melba crepe (canned peaches with ice cream and whipped cream). I love this place.

Oh, and if any of you remember my previous blog entry about intolerance and knee-jerk labelling of those that are "different" from you, when I say "freaks", I really mean "my people".


acsiren said...

How were the crepes?

TSOTE said...

Heh. Light, crispy and excellent. The peach melba was lacking in peach flavor (dominated by the vanilla ice cream and whipped cream), but the ham, pizza sauce and cheese crepe was really good.

Next time, I'm thinking of getting the blueberry and ice cream crepe.