Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bome and Hell Girl

One of the most interesting, as well as frustrating, parts about living in Japan is that there are so many things happening at one time. As I mentioned in the earlier entry about CoFesta, there are a lot of things to see and you have to be picky about which ones you choose because otherwise it gets really expensive to see them all. The frustrating part, though, is that there's no single place to go to for announcements about what events are taking place. I end up accidentally stumbling over announcements and then having to scramble to see the ones that look interesting. Case in point is the Bome exhibit running this week in the Parco department store in Tokyo.

(Bome figure from the Parco website)

The Bome exhibit is actually part of a larger "design show". Like CoFesta, the design show is spread out over Tokyo and is running for several weeks in October and November. Unlike CoFesta, on the other hand, the design show is mostly art and fashion-related and has little tie-in to anime or manga. One exception is the Bome figure exhibit. Bome made a name for himself as a designer of 3D figures of big-breasted anime characters. He's exceptionally skilled as a modeller, and has been featured at art galleries around the world. Parco department store in Shibuya managed to put together a display of about 80 of his creations, and also has the exclusive rights to sell his latest 1/4 scale figure (at $360, I had to pass on buying a signed copy). There is a Bome museum, but I can't locate the address or direction map from their website.

Now, the fun part is in picking up flyers from the desk at one event, and discovering a completely different event taking place at the same time near by. Of course, it would have been nicer if I could have looked in one place and gotten the information all at once, but whatteryagonnado.

(Hell Girl poster from the Parco website)

The Hell Girl exhibit is actually a display in the Parco basement, as part of the Logos bookstore there. It's intended to promote the manga and anime DVDs, but it includes some wall hangings, a centerpiece, and some paraphernalia for sale. I bought the collector's phone card for 1200 yen ($12) and it's *really* cool. The centerpiece is cool too; it's a grave surrounded by flowers with two 1/2 scale dolls inside that are intended to represent both Hell Girls. The best part is that Logos allows the taking of photos (couldn't do that for the Bome exhibit).

(Book display)

(One end of the grave)

(Other end of the grave)

(Pictures on wall)

(Wall hanging and DVD showing extras)

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