Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Metoropori-chan V

The UDX building in Akihabara is just outside the JR train station, and home to the Tokyo Anime Center. It has a rest area (open space with tables and chairs) that is often converted into an exhibition space with booths and a stage. The building houses a number of restaurants and coffee shops. Tully's Coffee is on the ground level just in front of an open plaza. Occasionally, the plaza is used for open-air music events, and there's a flyer that goes out every couple of months listing the plaza events, which take place usually twice a day, on Wednesdays, Sundays or Saturdays. This last Sunday, I was wandering around during my lunch break and I encountered such an event for the first time.

(Some of Metero's all-male backup dancers)

"Metoropori-chan V" (Metropolitan-chan V) apparently has been around for a while, originally performing under the name Tokyo Metero (until the Tokyo Metro subway company sued her and she changed her name, according to the wiki entry). The character is a "nurse idol", supposedly set in the year 1940. She sings a number of "etchi songs" about administering cures to sufferers of various maladies. The show consists mainly of her singing on stage for a while and then going into the audience and hitting a lucky few with her foam "injection syringe". If an audience member is really lucky, the "treatment" also will include kicking. While I can't prove it, there's an impression that this performance is based on an earlier anime title. There are a number of videos of the performance on youtube.

I'm not sure, but one of the other videos on youtube is for someone named "misono", and it looks like the same woman, but out of costume. Interestingly, the video is from a TV performance, indicating that our "Metero-chan" has notoriety here. However, the wikipedia page for "misono" links to a completely different J-pop singer.


Titichu said...

Haaannn too bad I missed that! Thanks for posting the pictures Curtis!

TSOTE said...

Metoropori-chan seems to be performing somewhat regularly. If I can find another announcement for her coming up some where, I'll let you know. The part of the show I saw didn't include the kicking, so I want to go back and watch more to see what happens.