Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fudan Juku and some video game

I really wish I knew things before I discovered that I wanted to know them...

(Fudan Juku)

Fudan Juku (腐男塾 - "Rotted Man's Cram School") was one of the advertised groups performing in the UDX plaza yesterday afternoon (along with a Christmas performance of some kind, plus a few other music acts). I knew that something was going to happen during the day, so during my lunch break (3 - 4 PM), I swung by. I had no idea who the four people were standing on the stage; obviously women dressed up as guys but that was it. They were having sound problems and the show was being delayed until everything was fixed. Half way through the next song, the sound cut out again and they had to improvise to keep the crowd amused. And, it was a big crowd - at least a few hundred people (largest crowd I've seen in the UDX plaza so far). So of course I couldn't get close to get good pictures.

The video. The music cuts out in the middle of the song.

But I did stick around to listen to the following song, which seems to be their signature piece - Otokozaka (it's the one for this music video on the j-pop site). The group seems to be known for its Takarazuka-like presentation (all-female cast playing both the male and female roles), and I do like the version of the song on the j-pop site. There are other videos of them on youtube. Next time, I hope I have my new camera so I can take better videos.

Also in the UDX building this weekend was a launch party for a new video game. I thought that the game was called "Sudden Impact", or something like that. But, the name was in katakana and I can't find the game online to confirm it. All I know was that it was new, and it was a first person fighter along the lines of Quake and Halo. The party was in one of the conference rooms in the UDX building, and consisted of some hardware dealers at the entrance selling PCs, mice and game controllers. Next to them were ten tables featuring maids. Some of the maids were selling t-shirts for their maid cafes, other sold maid figurines. There was even a "maid casino" - three maids running a roulette wheel. And inside the room was a stage where about 10 players competed against each other in the game. There were about 100 gamers sitting, watching in the audience. The event ran both Saturday and Sunday. Of course, they didn't allow cameras. Even if they did, the maids acted so skittish that any attempt at photographing them would have caused them to flee. I'm hoping that next time, I'll have enough spare cash to afford a maid cafe t-shirt, and a couple of rounds at the roulette wheel.

(Fudan Juku's CD sale rack.)

(The advertising poster for the day's events at the UDX. The two photos on the left were for acts that performed earlier in the day, when I was at work. The photo on the right shows the Fudan Juku girls in their sailor fuku personae, with their school boy versions in the inset.)

(Note the backup dancers off-stage. I'm wondering if these are the same guys that attended the Metoropoli-chan V event.)


Shannon said...

Thank you for posting this! I stumbled upon the Otokozaka video and have been trying to get more information about it. You've aided my search greatly~!

TSOTE said...

Glad to help. The Metropolis magazine discovered them some time later, and ran a short article on Fudanjuku. You can learn a little more at