Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hyper Visua Doll Movie

Happy New Year!

Ok, here's a guilty pleasure that's really hard to justify - Hyper Visua Doll Movie. Anyway, in the Japan Times daily TV listings, Thursday nights at 11:00 PM on TVK, it says "Anime Info". So, you'd think that you'd be tuning into a show that talks about anime, or interviews voice actors. Instead, what we get is 3 male voice actors (I guess, I don't know what voices they do other than for 3 of the dolls in the sketches) being put into various situations (I.e. - learning to wind surf, or trying to create a Christmas dinner), interspersed with some unusual gag clips featuring some very high-end doll puppets. It's not worth trying to explain it - you have to see these doll sketches for yourself. Suffice it to say that these aren't your father's action figures. And, I do like them. I just wish I could afford the $600 for the basic doll kit - the clothing and accessories are separate. The sketch with Sora turning into a bear and being taken into the wild with her mother (an actual bear) is really cute.

If you go through the cast list, the dolls are (from top to bottom): Yuuto, Ryou, Takeshi, Moegi and Sora. Sora's my favorite female character.

Some samplings of the TV show on Youtube:


Shiroibara said...

I didn't watch it with sound and I admittedly didn't watch much, but just the basic look reminds me quite a bit of the Jim Hensen movie Dark Crystal. If you haven't seen it I would recommend it.

TSOTE said...

Yes, I have seen Dark Crystal, and it a good movie. I can see what you mean - there is a common quality between DC and Hyper Visua. The main differences though are that Hyper Visua uses store-bought figures that are then customized with paints and clothing, and that DC used soft fabrics for the outer skin while Hyper Visual is all dark plastics.