Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Japan Times Stories

You'd think that a paper based in Japan would be less hostile towards anime and manga-related newsmakers. Seems strange then that the article on Tezuka would contain overtones of pedestal-toppling, and the story on Miyazaki's interview would frame him as a crotchety old man. Then, that a virtually unknown manga like "Red Colored Elegy" would get full-review coverage. After having seen the manga excerpts, and read the review, I'm confused by why the editors would waste ink on Red Colored Elegy, while ignoring much more worthy "literary" manga. Then again, JT's main comic strips consist of Doonesbury, Dilbert and Garfield, with Momma and Heathcliff appearing on Sundays, which says something. And, the one really "Japanese" thing that they focus on is a serialization of a 2007 translation of a 1917 ghost story by Kido Okamoto. Most strange.

Tezuka article on reprints of his books

Review of Red Colored Elegy, by Seiichi Hayashi

Miyazaki Interview Event

The Curious Casebook of Inspector Hanshichi (not serialized on JT online)

Kiri - Kill
This is Mamoru (Ghost in theShell, Skycrawlers) Oshii's latest live-action anthology film. Mark Schilling's review seems to hint at a level of brown-nosing.

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