Friday, December 26, 2008

My new baby

This is my new baby. A Giant Seek cross bike. 530 mm frame. 3 gears in front, 8 in back. I've been waiting to get a bike like this since September, and had to put it off until the 2009 models came in. Even then, I had to wait 2 more weeks for a big enough frame to arrive. Unfortunately, it's still a little small. The pedal arms are too short, but if I had them replaced with something longer, the pedals would hit the ground when leaning into a turn (the bottom swing of the pedals comes within 2-3 inches of the ground as it is). The seat was set a little low, and the handle bars weren't aligned completely perpendicular to the frame, but these last two items were easily fixed yesterday. I'll have to be content with the pedal stroke. But, there's no where in my area where I can really ride flat-out, so I don't need to worry about trying to go faster. I just need to ride for some length of time in order to get enough exercise each day. In any case, regardless of the minor quibbles, I'm just glad I have a bike again.

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