Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Upcoming Activities I'll Be Attending - Katana and Comics

Figures. Blink in this city and you'll miss something. Got a couple of things coming up in the next few days that I'm hoping to be able to check out. If you want to meet up with me at one of them, drop me an e-mail.

First, Comiket is running again at Big Sight, this time from Dec. 28 to the 30th. This is the big doujinshii (amateur manga) market that's held twice a year, and is usually *packed*. Each day tends to be focused on a particular type of manga (ie - one day for boy's manga, one for girl's). And, there's usually a lot of cosplay going on. I'll probably go when the boy's manga is featured.

Looks like I'm also developing an "arch-nemesis". Every time Patrick Galbraith writes something about manga or manga culture, he does it in a way that pisses me off. His "Pop Life" write-up on Comiket seems like one long back-handed insult regarding doujinshii and the people that create them. If Galbraith really has this much disdain for his subjects, then the Metropolis should replace him with a better writer. On a side note, Metropolis printed my letter this week.

Second, Sokendo, a retailer of Japanese swords, located in Harajuku, has announced that they're having a New Year's sale. There will be about 100 swords on display, from commercial art pieces to antique collector's items, including one dating back to the 1300's. All display items will be available for sale, not necessarily meaning that many of us can afford the better ones. The exhibition and sale will run from Jan. 3 to 12. I may go on the 4th or 5th. And I will try to take pictures, if allowed.

Third, I'm now riding around the Tamagawa area on my bike as much for exercise as for sightseeing. If you live near Mukogaoka-yuen or Noborito and want a riding partner, let me know. Even though this isn't so much of an upcoming event...

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