Thursday, January 15, 2009

Amano Yoshitaka's "Cosmos" Exhibit, Tokyo, 2009

There's an art gallery named "Art Vivant" in Japan that is currently working to promote and sell limited edition lithographs (and other media like paint on steel, and paint on plaster) from famed artist Amano Yoshitaka.

Amano may be best known as the concept designer for Vampire Hunter D, for his covers for Michael Moorcock's "Elric" books, and for the Final Fantasy video game series illustrations.

From Jan. 10 to the 12th, Art Vivant held its Tokyo show in the Akihabara UDX building on the 2nd floor. Basically, the rest area was turned into a short-term gallery with large framed prints lining the walls, and sitting areas for potential customers to inspect the works up close. A small stage was set up presumably for Amano to talk to the audience, but he wasn't there when I dropped by during my lunch break.

The artwork is all brilliant stuff, but it's expensive. Signed lithos with 300 or 400-copy print runs were priced anywhere from $2,000 to $12,000. There were about 20 people in the gallery when I was there, and few looked ready to buy anything. Still, it was a fun experience, and I got a free Amano poster out of the deal just for showing up. The show is set to visit other parts of Japan this month.

Some of the photos were taken by Titichu, who was able to at least bring her cell phone camera a little ways into the exhibit before all the guards showed up. I took the remaining photos from outside the rest area, hence the nasty light reflection problems. Even as it was, with my being outside early on Sunday morning with the exhibit still closed, I had a security guard walk up to presumably tell me that cameras aren't allowed. I'd finished shooting and had started walking away when I noticed him.

("World Map" poster)

Anyway, I scanned the poster they were giving away at the door. It's the picture that's used for the main advertising at the exhibit, called "World Map". E-mail me if you want a larger copy of the scanned jpeg.

("Cute" version of Vampire Hunter D)


Titichu said...

Cute_D is soooocute...:D I really wish I had a million yens somewhere to get a litho...then again, I think I'd have better use of a million yens...hahaaha

TSOTE said...

Yes. I wish I had a cleaner photo of Cute_D (didn't have to shoot through a window). But it would cost me at least $2000 to get the litho print...