Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2010 Calendar Event

One of the nice things about making calendars is that they're pretty predictable. You know what day August 9, 2137 is going to fall on, when Golden Week will occur, and when you'll get the first day of Lent. So, printing up the calendar portion itself years in advance is pretty easy. It's trying to decide what themes to sell and the photos/images/drawings to package per title that's the hard part.

The Japanese calendar industry had its 2010 products available for preview at the UDX building a couple of weeks ago. The doors kept closing both days long before I got into Akihabara for work. But, I think it was an industry-only event closed to the public, anyway.


Shiroibara said...

How did you get the interior pictures?

TSOTE said...

I shot through the glass. I was standing close enough that there was no glare. I tried taking a few zoom shots of the back wall, but the camera couldn't focus that far, otherwise I would have been able to upload some details of the calendars themselves.