Thursday, March 26, 2009

Epson Photo Fair

I love working in Akihabara. Even if there's no anime, manga, game, figure or cosplay events going on during any specific day, there's a good chance that *something* will be happening. The weekend of the 21st, that something was an exhibit of cameras and photo printers from Eizo, Epson and Nikon.

The event was held in the exhibit space on the fourth floor of the UDX building, near the Tokyo Anime Center. It consisted of several walls of photos taken by various people with Epson cameras and/or printed out with their photo printers; displays of images from professional photographers; tables of monitors, cameras and printers for sale; and demonstrations of photo editing software. One area was dedicated to floral displays that you could practice shooting, and another allowed you to print out large-scale prints of your photos for 1000 yen each.

I never realized just how advanced the technology has gotten. The smaller range finder camera ($2,500) looked and acted just like a manual film camera, but with a huge amount of additional power. I looked at the R-D1x, with its ability to manually set the range on a given part of the image, and the options for using whatever lenses you wanted, and if I had the money I would have bought it right then and there. Then there were the wide body printers. The output quality for some of these printers ranks right up there with professional poster printing services. I didn't ask about the prices for these printers and inks, but I'd love to get one, assuming that I can ever take pictures that justify this level of display.

One table had 12 or 16 poster-sized pictures available as free samples. These pictures were 12" by 18" and looked gorgeous. They could easily have sold for $15 or $25 apiece at an art gallery. I don't have any photos (yet) that would do justice to these kinds of printers.

Visitors to the exhibit were given a tote bag filled with catalogs, a packet of Epson photo paper (3"x5" stock) and a small mouse pad.

(The photo in the upper left corner is of Tama, the cat that's gotten so famous recently. He comes into one specific train station every morning and sits there all day before going back home. The train line personnel have adopted him as a mascot, and tourists have been visiting from all around just to see him.)

(Some of the photos from specific professional photographers.)


Titichu said...

Hi! Nice exhibition. I hope you are doing fine in Akiba. I went there the other day and left a few yens in the figure shops as usual..XD

TSOTE said...

When you were in the figure shops, did you pick up a ticket for the Gundam show that's running in the UDX until this Sunday? I was talking to a Bandai rep there Wednesday evening and he said the only way to get into the show was to get tickets from the supporting shops in the area, but he didn't say which shops.