Sunday, March 15, 2009

Exploring Tokyo: Setagaya Ward

Time to pull this all together. First, it's important to note that there are a number of train and subway lines within Tokyo, and keeping track of them all can give you a headache. However, in some cases, it's good to know where the nearest ones are for landmark purposes.

1 - Noborito
2 - Inadazutsumi
3 - Kinuta Park
4 - NHK Labo
5 - JRA Equestrian Park and
---- the Food and Agmin Museum
6 - Setagaya Hachimangu Shrine
7 - Daikeizan Gotoukuji Temple
8 - Odakyu Gotokuji station and
---- Tokyu Yamashita station
9 - Tokyu Sangenjaya station
10 - Shimo-Takaida station
11 - Shibuya station
12 - Shinjuku station
13 - Shinjuku Gyoen
14 - Yoyogi Park
15 - Harajuku
16 - Tokyu Kamimachi station

The line that runs around central Tokyo in a loop is called the Yamanote (black) (AKA: Yamanote-sen). This one goes through Shibuya and Shinjuku, and makes a full loop in one 1 hour. The line running through Noborito northwest through Inadazutsumi to Tachikawa is the Nambu (green). The Odakyu goes east-west, through Noborito to Shinjuku (dark green). If you go to Inadazutsumi on the Nambu, you then have to walk about a mile to reach the Inadazutsumi Keio station. The Keio (red) line runs from the amusement park area of Yomiuri-land in to Shinjuku. Although both the Keio and Odakyu lines are so close to each other, the main point is that they each terminate in their own department stores in Shinjuku station. That is, the Odakyu line starts from the Odakyu store, and the Keio line from the Keio store.

Setagaya dori (dark blue) (Setagaya street) runs through Noborito and heads straighter east to go into Shibuya. About halfway along, we encounter the Tokyu Setagaya tram line (purple). This used to be a streetcar line, but was eventually upgraded. This tram runs north-south, from Sangenjaya, through Gotokuji next to the Odakyu line, to Shimo-Takaida next to the Keio station.

The scale is roughly 12 miles from Noborito to Shibuya station.

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