Thursday, March 19, 2009

Learning Japanese - Part 52, Page 15

Time to get back to Frozen Food Agent, and the (slow) process of learning Japanese. There's only 4 more parts left after this, so let's get this done with.

しかし片方 から その思い出が消えてしまったら

しかし かたほう から その思い出 が 消えてしまったら

shikashi - but
kata hou - one of us
kara - from
sono - that
omoi de - memory
ga - subject marker
kiete shimatta ra - disappear did

but . one of us . from . that memory (subject) . disappear did

However, one of us lost those memories." (Used as-is.)



donata deshitakke - very polite version of "who are you?

"Who are you, sir?"



ざんされた はた は。 いったい なに を こころ の ささえ に して生きればいいと思います?

zansareta - left behind
hata - near
wa - topic marker
ittai - what on earth
nani - what
wo - object marker
kokoro no sasae - emotional support
ni - towards
shite - to do
ikireba - if to live
to - as such
omoimasu - to think

left behind . near . (topic)
what on earth . what . (object) . emotional support . towards . to do . if to live . as such . to think

"I'd been left behind. What do you think I should have done for emotional support if I wanted to keep living?"

I went with "I'd been left behind. How do you think it feels, losing your moral support?" although I should probably have used "I'd been left behind. What do you think I should have done?"


計画敵な殺人でないのはわかってるさ。 現場に悪徳警官がからんできたのは不運だった

けいかくてきな さつじん でない の は わかってる さ。 げんば に あくとく けいかん が からんで きたのはふうん だった

keikaku teki na - In regards to planning
satsu jin - murder
de nai - from not
no - nominalizer
wa - topic marker
wakatteru sa - understand + emphasizer
genba - crime scene
ni - towards
akutoku keikan - corrupt policeman
ga - subject marker
karan de - pick a fight with
kita - came
no - nominalizer
wa - topic marker
fuun - bad luck
datte - was

In regards to planning . murder . from not . (topic) . understand
crime scene . towards . corrupt policeman . (subject) . pick a fight with . came . (topic) bad luck . was

"I understand that you did not plan on killing anyone. Having a corrupt cop come to the scene was just bad luck."

Nothing really new here. For the hard-nosed cop setting I went with "I understand that you didn't premeditate the killing. Having a corrupt cop show up on the scene was just bad luck."

To be continued.

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