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Learning Japanese - Part 53, Page 15

Just 4 more entries to go. Not that anyone is paying attention anymore...

最初から殺す気ならここには包丁がズラリとそろってる。 あんたは単にカムフラージュのために持っていた。 絵描きの道具で彼を刺りすはめになったんだ

さいしょ から ころす き なら ここ には ほうちょう が ズラリ と そろってる。 あんた は たん に カムフラージュ の ため に 持っていた。 えかき の どうぐ で かれ を しりすはめになったんだ

saisho kara - from beginning
korosu ki - kill-nature
nara - if conditional
koko ni wa - here is
houchou - kitchen knife
ga - subject marker
zurari - complete series of
to - speaking of
sorotteru - all together
anta - you
wa - topic marker
tan ni - simply
kamufaraaju - camouflage
no - possessive
tame ni - for the sake of
motte - to hold
ita - exists
e kaki - painter
no - possessive
dougu - implement
de - from
kare - him
wo - object marker
shirisu - thorn
hameninatta n da - be stuck with

from beginning . kill nature . if . here is . kitchen knife .(subject) . complete series . speaking of . all together
you . (topic) . simply . camouflage's . for the sake of . to hold . exists
painter's . implement . from . him . (object) . thorn . be stuck with

"If you'd planned on killing from the beginning, you'd have had this complete set of kitchen knives to choose from. It would be easy for you to use this for camouflage. You stuck him with a painter's tool."

I went with "If you'd intended the attack initially, you could have easily used a kitchen knife and then camouflaged it here. Instead, you stabbed him with an artist's implement."


昼間 監察医と美術鑑定士にこの絵を見てもらった。 死体の血をぬぐったのとペインティングナイフのタッチが同じだと言っていたよ。

ひるま かんさつい と びじょうかんていし に この え を みてもらった。 したい の ち を ぬぐった の と ペインティングナイフ の タッチ が おなじ だ と いっていた よ。

hiruma - day time
kansatsui - coroner
to - and
bijutsu kantei shi - art expert
ni - towards
kono - here
e - painting
wo - object marker
mite - to see
moratta - received
shitai - corpse
no - possessive
chi - blood
wo - object marker
nugutta - past tense of "to wipe"
no - possessive
peintingu naifu - painting knife
no - possessive
tatchi - touch
ga - subject marker
onaji - the same
da - desu
to itte - to say
ita yo - exists + emphasis

day time . coroner . and . art expert . towards . here . painting . (object) . to see . received
corpse's . blood . (object) . wiped's . painting knife's . touch . (subject) . the same . is . to say . existed

"Earlier today, I brought in the coroner and an art expert to look at this painting. They said that the smearing of the blood had the same touch as from a paint knife."

I used "During the day, the coroner and an art expert looked at this painting. They
agreed that the blood had been smeared with the same touch as with a paint

To be continued.

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