Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning Japanese - Part 54, Page 16

Dialog for page 16.

この き をにがすとれいとうポテトは二度と手に入らない かもしれなかった。。。 もみあってるうちに。。。







kono - this
ki - chance
wo - object marker
nigasu - escape
to - and
reitou poteto - frozen potato
wa - topic marker
ni do to - never again
te - hand
ni - towards
haranai - negative of "to enter"
kamoshirenakatta - past tense of "possibility"
momiatteru uchi ni - during a struggle

this . chance . (object) . escape . and . frozen potato . (topic) . never again . hand . towards . not enter . possibility
again . during a struggle

"I knew that if I took this chance to escape, there'd be the possibility of never getting my hands on frozen potatoes again. Then, in the struggle..."

I used "I knew I may never get a second chance to get those frozen potatoes... Then, during the struggle..."


This next section is just a series of sound effects.

hi - hiii (a scream)
gu - ugh
do - thud
peta peta - smear, smear
sha - patter patter (the sound of falling rain)



ame ka - rain + question marker

"Rain?" (used as-is)

To be continued.

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