Monday, April 20, 2009

Cyborg 009

The Tokyo Anime Center, located on the 4th floor of the UDX building in Akihabara, tends to rotate in new exhibits every so often, depending on tie-ins to the various studios, I guess. Actually, I'm really not sure why they'll highlight one show (the Yattaman movie, Cell Phone Agent 7, Gurren Lagaan, etc.) and not another. It's just that every so often, it happens, with the exhibit hanging around for a few weeks at a stretch.

This time, it's for the DVD release for Cyborg 009. As shown in the photos, the exhibit includes a poster board, anime storyboards, paraphernalia, and large statues of the main cyborg team. I've never watched this show before, so I can't comment on the story or anime quality. But the statues are cool, and if you're in Akihabara at some point in the next couple of weeks, I recommend stopping in and checking it out. If you want, you can stand in front of the projector wall and have your photo taken with a Cyborg 009 picture in the background.

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