Monday, May 4, 2009

Akiba Mikoshi

As mentioned in yesterday's entry, there was an event in Akihabara on April 26, where a bunch of cafe maids carried a "mikoshi" through Akiba to wish for good luck.

A mikoshi is a small portable Shinto shrine that is generally placed on display in a temple for most of the year, and then taken out on the streets during specific holidays. Often, the smaller mikoshi are carried by women, while the huge several hundred pound+ affairs are carried by a large pack of guys. So, having the Akiba mikoshi carried by maids was pretty fitting.

The Akiba mikoshi is decorated with all of the products that represent this shopping district - manga, solar panels, vacuum tubes, cell phones, DVDs, a video camera connected to a PC and monitor, figures, a small maid dress, and a plate of plastic donuts. While it was created to wish for good luck for the area, there are some Japanese that wonder whether this frivolity will make the gods angry instead.

After the event, the Akiba mikoshi was placed on display in the information center on the second floor of the UDX building, just north of the JR Akihabara train station.

(No mikoshi is complete without a mini giant robot to dominate it.)

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