Friday, May 15, 2009

ANA Uniform Series Campaign

In the "you won't see this happening in the U.S. category" (which is turning out to be an amazingly large one), ANA (All-Nippon Airlines) and Lawson convenience stores have teamed up with a drink maker to release The ANA Uniform Series (Petit). This consists of 9 female figurines demonstrating the different uniform designs worn by ANA's flight attendants since 1955.

The figures come packaged with Boss and Roots coffees, Tropicana juice, and Suntory teas, but you have to buy two bottles or cans of whichever drink to get the figure. The bases are designed to fit on top of soft drink bottle caps.

Along with the figure, you get a little advertising flier promoting the "Happy Flight" DVD (3,990 yen for the "standard class" edition, 6,300 yen for the "business class" edition, and 9,240 yen for the "first class" edition (first class is the blu-ray disc)). Check here for a movie review. (Hint: It's not "Airplane", it's trying to be funny and dramatic, and it's sponsored by ANA.)

Also advertised is the "uniform second set", which apparently is available both online at ANA's "astyle shop", and at Lawson's as a box set. The "pilot with jacket" figure was designed by Bome, and the other 7 figures were designed by various other people. The two "cabin attendants/blouse" are especially cute, as is "cabin attendant/apron". The series has 2 pilots, 2 ground staff, 3 cabin attendants and a mechanic.

(Check my blog article on Bome from last Fall.)

(Coca Cola and Sogen Bicha have a similar campaign with 7 or 8 Dragon Ball figures available as a series, apparently only at Lawson's, but there's no mention of it on either of their websites, so I can't post links to the pictures.)

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