Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dragonball Figures and Lawson

(Yamcha, Yajirobe, Kame-sennin and Lunch)

I wasn't initially planning on buying the Dragonball figures, but since I couldn't find ads for them online at the Lawson or Coca Cola websites I decided to pick up one (Yajirobe) to get a peek at the packaging for it (of the other three, one was a gift and the remaining two I got because I like them). Oddly enough, there's nothing in the packaging mentioning a website or a way of getting more information on the campaign. There's just a free-dial phone number (0120-272-509). In fact, the DB figures line seems to be horribly under-promoted for some reason. Which is weird, since we're talking about Coke, Lawson AND Dragonball here...


At least ONE of the companies should have a few spare grand to pay for a couple of posters to put up at the stores. Anyway, this is a local promotion limited only to Lawson's. The figures are high-quality soft rubber, about 2" tall, well designed and looking much like the original Toriyama manga. There are 12 figures total, and since you have to buy 2 drinks to get one figure, at 130 to 150 yen per drink that's about $36 for the set. The minor figures are a turtle and Puaru (the little blue cat) - kind of a waste of money if you're not a completist.

(Insert showing all of the characters for set 1.)

I'd really like to get the dragon and Buruma, but those two, along with Goku and Piccolo, seem to sell out really fast. On the other hand, the entire set is taken from the spine art from the original manga volumes, and it does look pretty cool when assembled properly. So, if you're a Dragonball fan, this figure set is for you. According to the packaging, the second set (shown in the lower right corner of the insert), with the remaining 12 or so characters, will be coming out in August...

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