Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gakken Vol. 1 - People List

I decided to go back and look at the various Gakken Otona no Kagaku mooks more closely to see what I might have missed the first few times through them. One of the more egregious oversights regarded a group of people that were featured in Vol. 1 of the series. This group had been interviewed on their favorite science kits from when they were kids. Of the 7 primary people, 6 had URLs given for them (the seventh is a writer that shows up in all of the subsequent mooks). Of the 6, Iwai is the only one "left without a forwarding address". Tosa is president of Maywa Denki; Furuta is at the University of Chiba doing some cool stuff with robotics, and Sakana-kun is just a wild and crazy fish boy with his own children's show. Check them out.

Maywa Denki
An Art Project Company
Featured Person: Nobumichi Tosa
(I like the "nervous knee" electrical generator toy.)

Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
Featured Person: (Iwai, Missing)

Japan Science and Technology Agency
Chiba Institute of Technology
Featured Person: Furuta Takayuki
(Got some great articles on robots, and videos of wind-up toys)

Artist - Anime, Manga and Other
Featured Person: Tanaka Katsuki
(Interesting Website)

Osaka University
Department of Multimedia Engineering
Featured Person: Tsukamoto Masahiko
(Cool gadgets)

Art and Other, Children's Entertainer
Featured Person: Sakanakun
Looks like Sakana-kun has his own children's show. Weird stuff.

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