Monday, May 25, 2009

MOS Donut Burger

I like MOS Burger. It's one of McDonald's bigger competitors in Japan, and was the only hamburger chain to offer jalapeno peppers on their menu (I think they stopped doing it a while ago, though). They're certainly one of the more playful fast food places when it comes to their placemats. I commented on an earlier placemat back last August, which had printed various versions of "oishii" from around the country.

This time, we have the "donut burger". MOS and mister donut have teamed up to create a burger with a hole in the center. It's otherwise a perfectly normal MOS hamburger, served with MOS's original chili or teriyaki sauces, but with a dollop of mild wasabi sauce placed in the hole. The official brand name is "MOSDO" (MOS donut). The placemat asks the question "how can you have fun with a burger that has a hole in the center?", and answers it by suggesting that you cut out the pictures from the mat, and then wear the donuts glasses while playing "ring toss" with the other two donut patties.


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