Monday, June 29, 2009

Animation Industry Guidebook

While I was visiting the Suginami Animation Museum recently, I picked up a copy of the Animation Industry Guidebook (アニメーション業界ガイドブック), which has a bunch of interesting links as shown below. The book is essentially an introduction to the anime field, and is broken up into sections in order to help people wanting to enter it to get a feel for where they would fit in best, such as editor, cameraman, inbetweener, director, etc. There's also a career path map that shows how to reach the job position you want. There's also interviews with people in each field, with experience ranging from Galaxy Express 999, One Piece, Crayon Shin-chan, and Net Ghost Pipopa.

While trying to track down an electronic copy of the book (which turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be, since there's no URL in the book), I discovered that this is the 2008 edition, and that it's fundamentally the same as the 2007 version, but with much better artwork.

The book's in Japanese only, but that's part of the point, I guess. If you want to break into anime in Japan, you better have a good grasp of Japanese, first. Although, at least one of the schools (NEEC, link given below) does have a lot of materials online in English.

The below links came directly out of the guidebook, and are from companies and organizations related to the creation of the guidebook. It's work checking out all of the links, since there's some great artwork in many of them.


Association of Japanese Animations

Nerima Animation Association

Suginami Anime

Digital Content of Japan


OLM digital

Sunrise, Inc.

Shirogumi, Inc.
(This website is cool!)

Shin-ei Animation

Studio Easter

(Guin Saga, Sora Nake Girl, The Garden of Sinners)
(Go to the Works page and click on the anime title links to go to the official pages for those works)

Studio Hibari
Moonlight Mile and Major. (Go to the Products page for links to the official title websites.)

Toei Audio Visual Center
Toei, Inc.

Nihon Kogakuin (University)

(Evangelion:2.0, Persona, Hyakko, Blood, the last vampire)

Polygon Pictures
(CGI versions of: Yamato, Galaxy Express 999)

Mushi Productions
(Tezuka's Works)

(Meet Anytime, Always Heartwarming Friends)

Creative Village
Creator's Networking Site

Coach no Mori
(Networking site)

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