Thursday, June 11, 2009

Evangelion and Docomo

As mentioned in the Lawson tie-ins entry, Evangelion has a new series out, and it's getting heavy promotion, and not just through Lawson's exclusive curry deals. NTT is Japan's big phone company, and their cellphone is marketed under the "docomo" brand name ("dokomo" meaning "anywhere"). So, NTT, Gainax (producers of the Evangelion anime) and Yodobashi Camera teamed up to offer a special 2-day promo event in the tunnel between Yodobashi and the Akihabara train station. It was a drizzly day, and no one wanted to stand around and look at the phones on Saturday. Sunday was glorious, so a few more people hung around in front of the booth. The phones have Evangelion artwork on them.

(Brochure, reverse side.)

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