Sunday, June 14, 2009

Homeless camp site

The Tamagawa is an inconvenient location for homeless people to live, because it's not near places where you can get food handouts. But, there is a lot of space for setting up camp under a bridge or in the trees. Some people build small homes out of scraps and tarps, others have good quality camping tents.

This site in the trees is near Noborito. While I was watching, one of the men was working on pounding old nails out of a couple strips of wood for use in his shelter.

As in any culture or country, certain people are slobs and make messes where ever they are, and it gets worse when they're down on their luck and living in the alleys. But, the Japanese homeless are often there because of bad luck, and not just because of mental problems. They still have their pride, and remain very fastidious. Hence, some of the shelters look just like small houses treated as short-term camping sites, rather than as the trash heaps more common in the U.S.

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