Friday, June 5, 2009

Postal Stamps - Magajin and Sunday

The Japanese post office offers a wide variety of stamps for use on letters, but they are pricey. It costs 80 yen to send a letter, and a sheet of 10 stamps is 800 yen ($8), which would work out to $80 for a roll of 100 in the U.S.

The first widely announced manga-related collector's sheet of stamps in Japan was for Tezuka back around 1998. There have since been other collections for Doraemon and other manga titles and artists. Currently, the campaign is to advertise specific weekly manga magazines. I wasn't interested in the sheet for Shonen Sunday (below), with Meitantei Conan on it (I got it anyway, for the PatLabor stamp), but I really like Koutaru (middle, left side) and therefore I had to get the sheet promoting Weekly Shonen Magajin (above).

The stamps are the ones with "80" in the corner. The other pictures are just there to fill up the page. And no, I have no intention of using these stamps to mail letters.


odorobu-hilde said...

Thanks! =D School was pretty crazy this time around, I'm still finishing up one class actually; internship.

Interesting, I heard they had stamps like that. I would actually buy some too to collect and keep. Though I could buy another copy and use them as birthday card stickers or give to friends. =) I have a friend that might get a kick out of them, haha! XD

TSOTE said...

Welcome back. Hope the internship wraps up well.

The true collector always buys two of everything - one to resell later and the other to play with. I wish I had my other sheets of stamps here in Japan with me - I'd scan them and upload them to the gallery.