Saturday, June 13, 2009


Ryogoku is probably best known for having one of the big national sumo tournament buildings. And, the neighborhood certainly plays this up for all it's worth. The nearby restaurants offer the same high-calorie foods that the wrestlers eat.

There's a place right across the street owned by a former sumo star. Along the street are little bronze statues of sumo wrestlers (but none of the pictures of them came out right).

As mentioned previously, behind the tournament building is the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Also only a couple blocks away are a pair of small parks with traditional landscaping. One has a tower dedicated to the fallen from past wars.

The other, Yasuda Garden, apparently was a gift in 1701 A.D. from the shogun's government to a local feudal lord who carved a pond in the land in the shape of the kanji for "kokoro" (heart). The water level rose and fell with the tides of the nearby Sumida river.

(The sumo auditorium, with the Edo-Tokyo Museum in the back.)

(Artwork on the front of the sumo auditorium.)

(Pose with the star at the front of the restaurant.)

(The tower, base.)

(Shinto shrine statue in Yasuda Garden.)

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