Friday, June 26, 2009


The other day, Scandal had a live performance in the rest space on the second floor of the UDX building (also known as the Akiba Square event space). 100 to 200 people lined up to watch, and the stage was low enough that I couldn't really see the girls past the crowd. So, it wasn't worth trying to steal a couple of photos. Nearby, a table was set up for selling their latest CD. The one song I heard during my lunch break wasn't too bad - a fairly decent hard rock number (it was probably "Shojo S"). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hang around for the next song because I had to get back for work.

The main reason for mentioning them is that Scandal did some of the music for the Bleach TV anime series. Their website is pretty cool. I like the anime-style characters for them.

Youtube videos:
Shojo S, Bleach 10 OP
Shojo S live

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