Friday, July 24, 2009

Akiba Green Festival 2009: Fly Me to the Moon

As mentioned in the first post of this series, the Akiba Green Festival, 2009 (AGF09) month-long event consisted of 4 activities on the first weekend. One of those was "Fly me to the Moon", held in the event space on the 4th floor of the UDX building.

For the most part, the exhibit featured images taken by JAXA's (Japan's version of NASA) Kaguya/Selene satellite. Named after a famous princess from folklore, Kaguya was a low-altitude (100 km) satellite that orbited the moon, taking the highest definition images to-date as a way to develop a 3D map of its surface. One of booths at the exhibit showed some of the crater fly-bys in 3D (needing special polarized glasses). There were also free postcards given away at the front desk with some of the images.

Other booths included freeze-dried space food, moon globes, reproductions of the satellite and the launch rocket, and some commercial ventures trying to promote themselves (such as the 3D modeling printer).

One booth advertised an upcoming DVD for an animated 3D adventure to the moon, and there was a photo op to pose with Ultra Man and one of his many enemies. Nearby the photo op, there was a flat screen showing Ultra Man episodes.

Near the front desk was a mannequin space suit, and wandering around the event was an actor wearing a foam rubber space suit.


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TSOTE said...

I should mention that "King2's" event is in India. Normally, I don't like other people to use my blog for unsolicited advertising of their events, but I'll let this one slide for the time being.