Friday, July 10, 2009


Cosmode is a cosplay supplies company, and they apparently decided to sponsor an event at the UDX a couple of weekends ago. I could see the spill over from the UDX from the window of my office building.

It cost money to get inside ($8-$20), and I think it was only open to advance registrations, so I didn't bother trying to get into the event space. At the back of the building there were signs all over the place saying "no cameras", and in among the signs were professional photographers shooting what looked like professional cosplay models. Go figure. I've been to cosplay events before (mainly Comiket) so I didn't knock myself out trying to take photos this time.

Initially, the weather wasn't too bad, but later in the afternoon it started raining heavily and everyone escaped into the building to continue with the event.

(Stormtrooper from Star Wars)

(The guys in the red baseball outfits are from the new "Rookies" movie.)

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