Saturday, July 4, 2009

June edition of the "related articles in the media"

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from June, regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Japan Times

Animation Studios Seek rural inspiration

Is a national 'Manga Museum' at last set to get off the ground?

New university library puts focus on the fans

Scholars worldwide react to plan

'Cute ambassadors' Japan's pop culture

Anime Conventions Still Set Trends

Agency moves on 'Manga Cafe'



Band of Sisters (article on Fudanjuku, a group that I blogged about way back last Fall).

Studio Ghibli review

Japan's Lay Jury system in TV drama and manga

Idol Worship

O is for Otaku



Charady no jookuna mainichi (Charady's Joke a Day)
(A different 3 minute joke anime every day. Only runs under Internet Explorer. And it's really funny!)

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