Monday, July 6, 2009

Takao City revisited - The Tower o'Mystery

Back in May I wrote about a cycling trip out to Takao, and I had a photo of a strange brown-ish tower on the other side of the train station.

A few weeks later, I decided to take another trip out to Takao, and this time I set a little time aside to try to visit this tower. Amazingly, for something so big that it dominates the city, it's really hard to get to. There are a lot of little windy roads when you get to the hills, and not a lot of signs pointing the right way.

Eventually, after my third try, I went up the left side of the high school (instead of the right side) and I found the entrance to the grounds of a (I think) Buddhist temple. It's peaceful, removed from traffic, and with no other visitors. One building held the offices for the place, and the tower was at the far end of the reflecting pool, facing the back of the high school a few blocks away.

The main entrance is at the back side of the tower, and it costs 200 yen to go inside and ride the elevator to the top. I was pretty grimy and sweat-covered by that point so I decided to put off going in until next time. But, Takao makes for a pretty good destination for 5-hour rides, so I'll definitely be back out here again at some point this Summer.

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