Saturday, July 18, 2009

Takao Trick Art Museum

I've taken to riding out to Takao from Noborito for my longer bike rides. It works out to about about 5 hours, round trip, including the invariable sightseeing that occurs along the way. This last time, I decided to try pushing myself a little farther along, so when I got to the Takao train station, I continued past it on 20 to see where it would go. Actually, I knew it would take me in the direction of the big hill itself, but I was a little surprised to find myself in front of the other train station at the foot of the ropeway that goes up the hill to the temple at the top.

I've been to trick art galleries before, and I'd seen this one from the train station the first time I came out here by train last fall. So, I didn't feel like going inside this time. But, the artwork on the outside was good enough that I wanted to take some photos of it.

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