Friday, August 21, 2009

Adventure Japan

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I recently visited the Tokyo Anime Center, and found a new tourist brochure at the information counter. This one is called "Adventure Japan" and was only up to volume 4. The cover story was on the traditional performing art of Bunraku, or puppet performance. 21 pages of color photos on the performers in Osaka, plus descriptive text in Japanese, English, Chinese, French and Sanskrit.

Other stories, generally 2 pages or less, cover hiking the Kanda area in Tokyo, a husband-wife team that make commercially-licensed garage kit figures, the Tokyo Anime Center, Suginami Animation Museum, the Kotobuki-ya souvenir shop in Akihabara, the 2010 Tokyo International Anime Fair, Qoo-an (an Osaka company that sells kits teaching you how to make ultra-small satellites), and a piece on buying rice cookers at SofMap in Akihabara. There are ads for various expensive hotels, an ad for Hal Yamashita's onigiri (rice ball) shop, and for the Japan Pop Culture Festival in the Osaka Kansai International Airport (Sept. 26-27).

The website only had issue 3 online (issue 4 "coming soon"), but all of the articles are available in the same languages as in the print copy.

The garage kit models are really well-made.

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