Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coffee Jellies

I was wandering around Akihabara a few weeks ago, as it occasionally happens, and I happened by this one vending machine that had some canned drinks that I hadn't seen before. Including a "coffee shake" and a "milk coffee jelly". These are both drinks that have gelatin in them. The instructions are to shake well before opening. If you fail to do this, you better have a straw because that jelly isn't coming out on its own.

(Coffee shake on the left, milk coffee jelly on the right.)

It is a strange sensation, drinking chunky coffee that was intended to be chunky from the start. The milk coffee jelly was rather bitter and the coffee flavor was thin. But the coffee shake was sweeter and had more coffee and cream added. I'm not going out of my way to buy more of these, not at 120 yen ($1.20) for a small can, but they are fun to try every so often.

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