Monday, August 24, 2009

Current manga and anime-related art exhibits in Japan

Lately, the media has started picking up again on the galleries and museums that are hosting manga and anime-related exhibits. I've already mentioned the two that I went to (Gundam and DNA), but two more were printed up in the Japan Times last week. Below are the ones that are running right now in Japan. 4 are in the Tokyo area, one is in Kyoto and one in Osaka.

Shonen Sunday/Shonen Magazine DNA
Until Sept. 13

30 years of Gundam Mecha
Hachioji, Tokyo
Until Sept. 6

Yoshitaka Amano: Amano Galaxy
Omotesando Hills, Space O, Floor BF3
This is a collection of artwork from Amano, character designer for the Final Fantasy games, and Vampire Hunter D, among other things. Check out his website for some great art.
Harajuku, Tokyo
Aug. 26-31

Fujio Akatsuka Exhibit
"Tsuito Akatsuka Fujio Ten: Gyagu De Kakenuketa Nanaju-ninen"
("In Memory of the late Fujio Akatsuka: 72 years Spent Cracking Jokes")
Fujio was one half of a manga duo that helped establish the popularity of later children's comics. His primary solo work was "Tensai Bakabon" (The perfect idiot). He died in 2008, and this exhibit is a tribute to his works.
Ginza, Tokyo
Aug. 26 to Sept. 7

Yokai Paradise Nippon
Kyoto International Manga Museum
Pictures and stories regarding Japan's occult and the supernatural.
Until Aug. 31

Studio Ghibli Layout Designs
Suntory Museum Tempozan
The original layout drawings created for such movies as Ponyo, Nausicaa and Totoro.
Until Oct. 12

And, while I'm at it, I might as well mention that the Suginami Animation Museum, just west of Shinjuku near the Ogikubo station on the Chuu-ou line, has announced their next feature anime series - "Minky Momo".

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