Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fujiko F Fujio

As can be easily discovered if you read the wikipedia entry, Hiroshi Fujimoto and Abiko Motoh formed a partnership around the 1950's under the shared pen name of Fujio Fujiko (not to be confused with "Tensai Bakabon's" Fujio Akatsuka). Together, they produced a number of manga, joined Tezuka's Tokiwa-so collective, and co-founded Studio Zero (which later did include Fujio Akatsuka). As manga artists, they had lost their popularity in part because of an incident during which they started missing all of their deadlines. They returned in 1964 with "Obake Q-tarou", and followed that with "Ninja Hattori-Kun", "Perman" and "21-Emon" (a few of which titles were included in the Shonen Sunday-Shonen Magajin DNA exhibit).

Fujimoto started "Doraemon" in 1970, and the two of them drifted along separate paths. They dissolved the partnership in 1988, but kept the pen name, with Fujimoto writing as Fujio F Fujiko, and Abiko writing as Fujio A Fujiko. Fujimoto also created "Esper Mami" and "Chimpui", while Abiko developed "Smiling Salesman" and "Parasol Henbei". Fujimoto died in 1996 at the age of 62. Abiko is still alive. Both artists received special merit awards from the Tokyo Anime Fair (Fujimoto in 2005, Abiko in 2009).

Lawson convenience store decided to run a "Fujiko F Fujio" character goods catalog from July 15 to Aug. 31. Along with featuring lots of Doraemon dolls, toys, and branded items for sale, the catalog also had a write up on the artist, and a timeline for his various manga and anime releases. You can see part of the timeline at the bottom of the second page.


Roy said...

When I was a kid I used to love Doraemon anime!

TSOTE said...

It's certainly one of the more popular anime series ever made. What are you watching now, instead?