Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gundam "gunpla" #2 kit

I mentioned in the entry on the Yumebi exhibit on Kunio Okawara that I'd picked up a model Gundam kit at the gift shop. This is "volume 2" of the "gunpla collection". Volume 1 was just the traditional big white robot and I'm not partial to that design. I could easily have gotten both kits, because they were less than 400 yen ($4) each, but I'm not interested in keeping them after I build them, so I decided against spending the money on vol. 1

Inside the box is... another box!

I'm assuming that "gunpla" is the standard Japanese contraction of "gundam" and "plastic". Not a lot of pieces, but because of the need to cut the pieces carefully and then trim the flash down smooth, it still took one hour to build. It's about 2" tall. At 1/144 scale, the real thing would stand at least 24 feet tall, or a little better than 2 stories. Compare this to the full-size Gundam in Odaiba, which is 18 meters, or 59 feet tall.

I like buying things, and I love building them with my own hands, but I've got no storage space for keeping them afterwards, and no paints for customizing or finalizing the designs. So, this is where I left off with this kit. The instructions show which areas require which colors if you want to paint it to look like the card.

I do know one Gundam fan that would want this model now that I've finished it, but she returned to Louisiana for the Summer. If she doesn't get back to Tokyo soon for starting up university classes in the Fall, I may just throw this thing away.

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