Saturday, August 22, 2009

Itasha in the Flesh

Back some months ago, there was an article in the Japan Times on Itasha - sports cars decorated with big decals or spray painted artwork of female characters from various anime or video games. The article stated that these cars could be commonly found in Akihabara, but in the months following the story, I only saw one such car passing through Akiba, and that was it. However, there was the Macross event at the UDX where one of the highlights was a van being decorated with Macross characters. Anyway, I wouldn't say that Itasha are all that common here.

Then, on Sunday, when I was wandering around on my break, I saw this car. Not exactly a sports car, and not exactly covered in high-quality decals, but at least one of the girls is a character from the Lucky Star anime series.

The following Monday, I went in early to Akihabara (9 AM) to meet up with a friend. As I was walking along Chuu-ou Dori, I found a real Itasha.

I like the way part of the red background art gets included on the windshield wiper. The vampire is really cute, too.

Just as a follow-up comment, in the 5 days since I saw the second itasha, I saw another 3 cars with video game girl character decals on them. Again, not exactly itasha, because the cars weren't very expensive and the decals were boring, but they are starting to become a little more visible at the moment.


Pax Humana said...

I wish that people would do more itasha to classic American, Canadian, Australian, Mexican, and Brazilian muscle cars.

TSOTE said...

The decals exist. You can put them on anything, if you want. Most anime fans just don't seem to be fans of American or Brazilian cars.