Monday, August 31, 2009

Takao Bridge

I haven't been making as many long bike rides as I'd like lately, in part because of various conflicts, and in part because I'm still trying to overcome the bruised areas in my right palm and ribs on my right side (although most of that has finally gotten better now). So, a few days ago I decided to take a stab at it and rode back out to Takao. Another reason for going to Takao is that now that I have an odometer on my bike, I wanted to know the distance I was covering on these rides.

To make the ride more interesting, I chose to try visiting an old historic checkpoint a few miles on the other side of the Takao train station. Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn somewhere and found myself riding along some side roads up into the hills. Which was fine by me because I happened on a trailhead for a hiking trail that I wouldn't have known about otherwise, located next to the entrance to a convalescent home.

Also in the area was a major construction project. Getting closer, I realized that there's a new expressway bridge going up (recession? what recession?) The thing that blew me away was the amount of scaffolding around the lead pillar. It's like a giant complex for taking over the world was forming out in the hills. I wonder if they're accepting job applications...

I'll have to go back out to Takao to try to find the checkpoint again. And I never did get the distance for the ride - the odometer only recorded 1.75 hours of what had been a 3.5 hour ride. It's like half the ride had been erased, but I can't be completely sure if it was just exactly half.

(Opposite side of the bridge work.)

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