Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is it a game? Is it a truck?

Is it Kamen Rider? No!! It's a pachinko machine!!

Kamen Rider is a popular live action TV superhero series dating back to 1971. There have been a number of sequels. And now, it's a themed pachinko machine. I can't be sure if the truck is hauling machines, or is simply an empty mobile billboard.

For Shiroibara.


Bunny said...

Just an empty truck patrolling around.

I'm not sure of the efficacy of these things. Certainly it won't make me want to rush off of and feed money to pachinko parlours. (Especially not when the atmosphere is toxic and the noise is deafening.)

Last summer we did a truck with big led numbers on the side for Aquarius. It patrolled around Kyushu telling people that it was really hot, drink more Aquarius.

Apparently, you can't have changing images on the sides when moving too.

Shiroibara said...

Kamen Rider reminds me too much of Power Rangers and I'm annoyed by them both, but thanks for the thought :)

TSOTE said...

Bunny - There seems to be some marketing force really pushing these moving truck ads now - I've been seeing more of them over the last few weeks. Maybe you can program the ads to stay static when the truck's moving, and only animate if the truck stays in one place for more than a minute.

Shiroibara - According to wiki, Power Rangers is based on the "Super Sentai" TV series, which first came out in 1975. Kamen Rider, one of the pioneering "masked hero" TV shows, started in 1971. So, it's not too surprising that Power Rangers looks like Kamen Rider - it is derived from KR. So, now you know more about what it is that annoys you...