Monday, October 19, 2009

JAM 2009

CoFesta is a blanket media event that runs from September through October, comprised of a bunch of smaller events that aren't big enough to have their own individual advertising budgets. I'd visited some of these events last year, and wrote them up here at that time. They were ok, but nothing that I'd want to pay the train fare for to travel out to Big Sight to see again.

(Basara products)

(Basara Sake)

Fortunately, 2 of the events are at the UDX building in Akihabara. The first is JAM, which ran from Oct. 15 to the 18th this year. The next will be Entamatsuri next week (which is actually spread out across Akihabara in a variety of shops). JAM consists of about 30 booths advertising anime-related product tie-ins and some anime (Summer Wars) and video games. Tezuka's characters feature very heavily in these tie-ins, from t-shirts to Monopoly board games to sculptures made up of paper folded to look like Astro Boy, among others. Some of the other featured anime series included Evangelion and Basara. The Basara displays included Basara cookies, stickers and sake. Some of the products didn't have price tags so I couldn't tell if they were for show or for sale.

(Evangelion products)

There were a lot of fliers for museums and other upcoming events, including the Suginami Animation Museum, the Tokyo Anime Fair, the Chibi Maruko-chan town, the Norakuro museum, the TAF Creator's World, the Association of Japan Animations (AJA), the AJA tourist site map, the Naiki Manga Library and the World Cultural Forum. Most of these I'll dig up URLs for when I get the chance, and where appropriate I'll add to my manga museums page.

(Astro Boy products)

(Plastic fabricated model)

The event ran from 10 to 5 PM all four days, and was free to the public. It also had a number of events on the open stage, including a recording for "Naruto Radio", featuring two of the Naruto anime voice actors (Junko Takauchi (Naruto) and Satoshi Hino (Sai)). The little area for the audience was packed for the show, but it was only big enough to hold maybe 100 people at best.

(Kewpie version of Devilman)

(Kewpie version of Astro Boy)

Another booth worth mentioning was for the Japan Travel Bureau. They were advertising "JTB and Anime", which is a set of guide books (about 1600 yen each) aimed at anime fans wanting to visit places in Japan that were featured in specific series ala Lucky Starr. The main emphasis right now seems to be on Basara.

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