Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lupin Station

As I've written before, the Yamanote train line runs in a loop through Tokyo. It forms an elongated oval, kind of like a stretched out egg. Running through the center width-wise are a pair of train lines - the Sobu, which stops at every station between Shinjuku and Akihabara; and the Chuu-ou, which only stops at Shinjuku, Yotsuya and Ochonomizu (to get to Akihabara via the Chuu-ou, you have to switch to the Sobu at Ochanomizu).

One stop before Ochanomizu, meaning you have to take the Sobu, is Suidobashi. And right in front of the Suidobashi station is the Tokyo Dome, a baseball stadium and amusement center. Around the dome is a Ferris wheel, a couple of roller coasters and bunches of shops and arcades. Recently opened within the complex are two new indoor rides - Panic Coaster and the Lupin III. Apparently as a way to tie in with the coaster is a new gift shop, named Lupin Station Tokyo.

Branded gifts include Lupin III candies, cookies, t-shirts and face towels. The Lupin chocolates are shaped like coins and packaged in foil boxes to look like gold bars. Two TVs show different Lupin movies. And, fortunately, they let you take photos in the shop.

I wasn't in the area to visit the park, so I didn't try getting on the ride to see what it's like. Maybe later. But, the candies were good, and I may break down and get a t-shirt some time (about 2500 yen - $27 USD). What's cool about all this is that Tokyo Dome is right near the middle of Tokyo, and is on the way to work for me, so I can drop by Lupin Station whenever I want. Lupin sansei suteki!

(Advertising for the Lupin ride.)

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