Sunday, October 4, 2009

Small Adventures 5

It's interesting, when you're just out walking around, exploring a new neighborhood, to encounter something completely unexpected, but in a way is what you'd want to expect.

In this case, I was walking near the Odakyu train station in Shin Yurigaoka, a few miles inland from Noborito. This was a new area for me, and I just wanted to see what was here. It took me a few seconds to realize that the car driving past me had a video camera on top, and was one of those used for google maps. Since google maps cars have been written up in the news before, it amused me that it had taken me so long to actually find one.

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TSOTE said...

As a follow-up, a couple of days after posting this entry, the Yomiuri paper ran an article on google street maps. Seems that google Japan's broken a promise to give districts advance notice when they're going to get mapped. Stealth mapping in progress.