Friday, October 16, 2009

Yushima Shrine again

When I first tried finding the Yayoi Museum, I went a little too far south of Ueno station and picked up Kasuga Street heading west. As I made my way in the direction of what turned out to be Tokyo Dome, I found myself walking by the back side of a shrine. Now, I know what you're thinking - "What? another shrine? Where's the surprise in that? There's shrines everywhere." And it's true, there are a lot of shrines here. But this one had a big white plaster wall that made it look like the front of a Chinese restaurant. I didn't have time to go inside, but when I looked at google maps later, I learned that this shrine is named "Yushima". And I've already visited two places named "Yushima". Looking closer at the map, I had a suspicion that this was Yushima Tenjin, but it looked a little too far from Akihabara to be the one that I'd gone to before.

However. When I returned to Todai to look at the museum and the "Fe" exhibit, I made the extra 4-block side trip to the "big white wall on Kasuga Street". Going through the back gate, sure enough, there's the little bridge running over the parking lot between buildings. This really was the shrine that I'd walked to during a lunch break during the New Year's period last January. Back when I still had an hour lunch; I couldn't walk the round trip in the time I get for breaks now. At that time, if I'd walked just another 2-3 blocks north I would have fallen into the lake in Ueno Park.

Place looks different during the Fall, when there's no visitors.

(Main artifacts in the main shrine.)

(During New Years, in January.)

(During New Years, in January.)

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