Sunday, November 1, 2009

Entamatsuri, 2009, Part 2

One other part of the Entamatsuri was the manga magazine display on the 4th floor, in the exhibit space near the Tokyo Anime Center (Ultra Jump magazine had it's own party in this same space a week later.). A fair number of magazines were on display, most notably the girl's title Nakayoshi, and the boy's Shonen Sunday.

Mostly, the exhibit consisted of copies of the magazines on display in glass cases, and examples of the character artwork in frames on the walls. There were sample pages of the stories as well, plus a few t-shirts.

Around the corner was a display of PSP games based on some of the manga, but this area was off limits to cameras, and a staff member was carefully patrolling the area to enforce that. Even so, I was able to get a good representation of shots of the rest of the event.

It was pretty cool, but it wasn't heavily attended and I would have been happier if a couple of the artists had been available to talk to.

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