Sunday, November 29, 2009

From the stack

Time to clear out more of my miscellaneous photos. I've got such a backlog of blog entry ideas that I have to start combining them again to catch up.


Back when I was visiting the Naiki Contemporary Manga Library and the Tezuka mural at Takadanobaba, I was walking along Waseda Dori on my way back to the Takadanobaba station when I found this pastry shop. Mostly, they just had bread and rolls in the display case, but the photo out front advertising "original creation cakes" caught my eye.

I think the Gundam artwork looks especially good.


It amazes me what you can find in Tokyo if you wander around enough. This is indeed a gallery displaying a variety of wooden and paper matches. Located just west of Takadanobaba station on Waseda Dori.


Another day, I went to Ochanomizu to visit the Yonezawa Subculture Manga Library, and walked past the Meiji University theater building with their ad for their performance of "Hamlet". I think it's interesting, what happens when a live stage play gets the manga treatment.


Yes, Japan, in its quest to make everything smaller, has gone that last remaining step!


Yodobashi Camera has spiffed up its spokescharacters for the new holiday season. Yo-chan, kawaii!

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