Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GoFA - Ah, Megami-sama

A couple of weeks ago, I made mention in one of my composite, multi-topic posts that the Gallery of Fantastic Art (GoFA) was going to have an exhibit dedicated to the 21st anniversary of "Ah, Megami-sama". The exhibit started at the beginning of November, but for various reasons, I wasn't able to drop by until the 21st, and even then I didn't arrive until just before closing at 6:00 PM. Naturally, they don't allow cameras (the pictures here were taken of the advertising boards in the stairwell).

GoFa is primarily an office where they plan art sales, located on the second floor of the Oval building on Aoyama Dori, halfway between Omotesando Dori out of Harajuki, and Shibuya station. The office is on kind of a mezzanine floor that the elevators don't stop at - you have to take the fire escape stairs up. Although the office name is on the fire escape doors, the route is so off the wall that I couldn't believe that I was going the right way. That, plus the signs don't stand out much.

The exhibit isn't that big, essentially a 20' wide band at the front of the office space, running from the door across over to the balcony looking down at the main lobby entrance. Lots of pencil drawings of the Megami-sama characters, some finished ink drawings, a few litho prints and some posters for sale. The front of the exhibit includes t-shirts (4000 yen each) and post cards, and the back has 3 large statues of the goddesses sitting on pillars playing instruments, also for sale (if you saw the little figurines packaged with Afternoon magazine a couple of years ago, you know what statues I'm talking about). The art sale closed on Nov. 23 and reopen for a limited time in Osaka. There was an author signing at GoFA on the 21st (although it was long over by the time I arrived) so there may be another signing at the Osaka show. The next exhibit is going to be for "Saiyuki Reload" in December, with the author signing on the 27th and a janken event (rock-paper-scissors) on the 20th.

Entry to GoFA costs 500 yen, which gives you a coupon good for one free small coffee from the cafe on the first floor. The cafe also advertises a special "megami coffee" for 500 yen, which seems to be a cafe au lait with one of the goddess' pictures drawn on top of the milk foam in cinnamon powder. I didn't buy one, so the details will have to wait until later. Overall, this wasn't an event that I'd want to revisit, but if you're a "megami" fan, you'd probably want to get the manga sketch packet and maybe even brave the crowd to get a glimpse of the author.

If you're a "Saiyuki" fan, you'll want to be there on the 27th next month for the author signing.

GoFA is closed between events.

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