Monday, November 16, 2009

Kamiigusa: Sunrise Studios

The Sunrise animation studio has a small building just east of the Kamiigusa train station. To get here, take the Seibu-Shinjuku line out 10 stops from Takadanobaba to Kamiigusa. Go out the one exit from the station, and take a short jog to the right. Follow the tracks back east towards Takadanobaba 1 block, past the building with the Gundam painting on the shutters, and Sunrise will be at the corner on the left.

You'll see the posters advertising some of their shows on the front of the building and on the windows to the entrance alcove. There's a plaque with the Gundam profile next to the door.

Inside the alcove is a small collection of figures and items from the different shows (Keroro Gunso, Gundam), two Gundam models about 1.5 meters tall each, and a pair of TVs. Only one TV was on, and it was showing ads for Inuyasha in a loop.

The lobby is unmanned, but there's a camera surveying the space. The door leading into the building itself has a security lock and the building isn't open to casual visitors. Still, if you're here to see the Gundam statue at the station, then you might as well make the short stroll to the Sunrise building. After that, you could either try striking out northwest to Ouizumi Gakuen and Toei Studios (from the west side of the station pick up 444 and go north to 25, west to 8, and then take 8 north to Ouizumi Gakuen). Or take the train one station east to Iogo, then walk south along 311 to 4, and double back west on 4 a ways to get to the Suginami Animation Museum.


Davide said...

Hi from Italy, your post is very interesting.

I will be in Japan next month and I would like to see the sunrise headquarters but I can't localize it on google maps.

Can you help me? Thanks!

TSOTE said...

I don't have an exact google maps location for you. But, I can come close. This location is for the Gundam statue in front of the Kamiigusa station.,139.60267066955566

Notice that the statue is on the south side of the station. From the station, face east from the statue and follow the street 1 block past the street light. You'll see the Sunrise building easily at the corner on your left. You can see the building using street view. And, using street view, just before you get to the Sunrise building you can see the Gundam robots painted on the front shutters of the building on the right side of the street.

For other sights in the area, please check my following guides:

Hope you enjoy your trip.

Davide said...

very kind, thanks a lot for your information! I look forward to to be in Tokyo!!